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Meet Ornagh , a seasoned wellness expert with over 18 years of experience in the industry. As a certified 500hr yoga, meditation, and mobility instructor, as well as a sound practitioner, Ornagh is dedicated to bringing freedom through movement and sound into people's lives.

Ornagh is also a Gymnastic Ireland L1 Coach and Gymnastic Bodies L1 Coach. Formerly part of the CrossFit European Gymnastic seminar team, she was widely regarded as the premier modified-specific gymnastics coach in Ireland. She has helped some of the best CrossFitters in the country hone their gymnastics skills.

Now, her primary focus is centered around running her private online studio, 'More Chalk,' and working as part of the fitness team at Wild View Retreats in Portugal. In addition to coaching, Ornagh also runs yoga and sound bath workshops, as well as flexibility and mobility workshops.

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