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Ornagh’s classes are both challenging and enjoyable. Whether you’re a beginner, or someone looking to improve on your technique, she ensures that you benefit from every session. I look forward to the classes every week, and have seen a marked improvement in both my strength and flexibility. I cannot recommend MoreChalk enough. Thank you Ornagh!

Laura Maloney

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'I started taking GST classes only two months ago and I can already see amazing results! Ornagh spotted my weaknesses from the very beginning and showed me many ways to turn them into strengths.
More Chalk is more than just getting stronger and more flexible: it's about challenging yourself and learning that you can do so much more than what you think you're capable of if you set your mind to it'.

Ines Fitzgerald

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At 46 years of age, you think your capabilities are limited. With the help of the wonderful Ornagh Lee, she helped begin to breakdown those thoughts and helped mould a new ME.
Over the 3 months of completing 2 gymnastics classes a week not only did my strength rocket by 30kg to 60kg on front and back squat and deadlift but huge benefit to mobility. The Crossfit movements Toes to bar, I can now easily complete 10 to 15 reps unbroken at both straight leg and standard 😊 toes to rings easy 😀 and I am very close to my muscle up. Ornagh concentrates on building strict strength and in the long run this is my builds a better body to last longer. I intend to stay physically strong all my life and Ornagh has build a strong foundation for me, that I will be forever great full to her for

Vincent MacAistir

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I would recommend Ornagh Lee of More Chalk for anyone wanting to get fit ultra fast&be shown the best & safest techniques during her tailor-made personal training sessions. I hired Ornagh to teach me some gymnastics moves that i have always wanted to learn, but never had the nerve. I'd never done a handstand (even as a kid). Ornagh showed me the moves..watched my poor attempt to even lift my legs up off ground. After my first attempt she saw exactly where I was going wrong, explained & showed exactly what I should be doing and on my 3rd attempt I got it Without needing a wall she's THAT good at coaching. Now I'm booking her to teach me 1-armed handstands and walking handstands as well as some weight training.
Book More Chalk - your body & mind will thank you for it

Maire-Therese Byrne