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Delicious, Healthy, Protein Pancakes


I absolutely adore anything sweet. When I walk past a cafe, shop, bakery it wouldn't matter if I had just eaten a 5 course meal, I will want something once my eyes lock on to a tasty treat or my nose gets a whiff of that sweet, sugary aroma......daydreaming! Sometimes I treat myself but a lot of the time I have to use all the kinds of will power to walk away.

So basically when it comes to desserts or sweet snacks I can't conform to that nonsensical vegan, gluten free, dairy free, happiness free stuff. Of course if you have all the intolerances available to man this might be your only option but there is no point in lying - lets face it *whispers* (It doesn't taste that good...sorry) There I said it...and I'm not kicking the lifeless baking goods while they are down but just because it says 'Healthy or Protein' in the heading doesn't mean they are low fat, low sugar or low calories - now of course sometimes they are but just always read the label first.

Enough waffle out of me anyway :P The point I'm making is that the protein pancakes I am going to help you make below are actually quite tasty and guess what they are low fat and full of protein.

Of course gimme a real pancake any day but we need to make compromises if we want to live that healthy life!

*Side note: the extra calories will come from the toppings you choose to put on top so make clever choices.


You Will Need:

3 Egg Whites

1 Scoop Vanilla Casein

1/2 Scoop of Oats

Coconut Oil




Cashew Butter (Be careful with this one)

Chia Seed

Skyr Vanilla Yogurt -

Sweet Freedom Fruit -Syrup


Electrical Hand Whisk

Large Jug

What To Do:

Separate your egg whites into your jug- I love using a jug because you don't lose any product in transferring and then its all ready to pour into the pan. Add in the protein and oats. Whisk until you have a really smooth texture and pour 3 small blobs on to a heated pan covered in coconut oil.

Flip and serve with whatever extras you prefer. Above I provided the links to the most amazing yogurt that is quite sinless and a really tasty honey/maple syrup alternative. The highest fat content will be in whatever nut butters you choose, so be a little light handed when adding that!

Hope you enjoy and feel free to tag me in your pics @ornagh_morechalk

Ornagh x.

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