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functionality you will love

having moved from owning a studio in real life to creating a studio online has been a process.

my main goal in while creating this new online studio was ensure that that special more chalk community energy, that was so powerful, stayed in tact.

so with that i will now be offering a new monthly subscription app that will provide you with instant access to my widely popular flexibility course, yoga classes, mobility sessions and meditations.


the best part though is that you can practice at your own pace, anywhere, anytime or join a weekly live class with the rest of the trib, included in your subscription!


€30.00 per month include:

- 4 new videos monthly

(either live or pre-recorded)

- Access to all on demand classes, meditations & sound healing sessions

- bonus splits workshop

€15.00 per month include:

- all classes on demand

or buy a day pass and access all the content

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